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About Voodoorage

What is Voodoorage? Hide
Voodoorage is meant for venting a bit of anger towards someone, for having a little fun, and for teasing friends in a harmless way.
What is Voodoo? Hide
Voodoo (sometimes written as Vodun, Vudun, Vodou, and various other spellings) is a religion popular in Western Africa, Haiti, and Louisiana. The religion focuses primarily on spirits. The religion is commonly misinterpreted, and popular fiction likes to reference things such as Voodoo zombies and Voodoo dolls, however these are not part of traditional Voodoo.

Contributing to Voodoorage

How can I submit an idea for a curse? Hide
If you have an idea for a new curse, contact an administrator by email at [email protected].
I found a typo or translation mistake. How can I get that fixed? Hide
If you believe you have found a mistake on the site, please contact an administrator by email at [email protected].
Can I pen-test Voodoorage? Hide
At Voodoorage we are always interested in improving out site, so we welcome pen-testing, however we ask that you please ask us permission before starting any testing, and we ask that you report any findings to an administrator immediately.

About Curses

How can I stop people from spamming my email? Hide
If you believe you are being spammed, please reply to one of the emails sent to you and we will do our best to resolve the situation.
How can I find out who sent me a curse? Hide
You can't. We don't have that information, and even if we did we wouldn't give it to you. Curses are anonymous.


How can I advertise on Voodoorage? Hide
If you are interested in advertising on Voodoorage, contact us at [email protected] and tell us about your site/product/service and we can discuss a contract.